Oboe Concerto


Concerto for Oboe (2001)

Oboe, string orchestra and percussion (20’)

Performed in 2001 by:

John Anderson, oboe,
Conductor Dominic McCongical,
North Nottingham Youth Chamber Orchestra,
St Mary’s Church, Nottingham.

After leaving university I co-formed, with 4 fellow Contemporary Arts graduates, Nottingham Composers, — Chris Johnson, Stephanie Smith, Matt Cambridge and Steve Dalton — who put on concerts of our own work, gaining funding and working with local orchestras.

For the concert Twister II we collaborated with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, each composer writing for a particular musicians for their solo instrument. I wrote for the wonderful oboist John Anderson.

We gathered together a string orchestra with percussion of children and adults, forming the North Nottingham Youth Chamber Orchestra, and the concert was conducted by Dominic McCongical.

Score available on request.