My Friend the Polish Girl

My Friend the Polish Girl, 2018, 87″

Dir. & Prod. Ewa Banaszkiewicz and Matteusz Dymek

Warsaw Pact Films

  • Nominee, Bright Future Award, Rotterdam Film Festival 2018
  • Nominee, Michael Powell Award, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018
  • Nominee, International Competition, New Horizons Festival Wroclaw, 2018
  • Nominee, A Certain Regard (Inne Spojrzenie), Gydnia Film Festival, 2018

This is directors Ewa and Matteusz’ first feature, following their award-winning shorts I’m Here and Beasts, both of which I also scored. For My Friend the Polish Girl, I have composed an all-electronic, minimalist and atmospheric score.

In the words of the directing duo “this story follows Katy, a young American wannabe filmmaker, shooting a documentary about Alicja, a crazy unemployed Polish actress living in London. Katy’s intention is to simply film the actress’ everyday life, but Katy’s increasing presence in the film starts having serious consequences for Alicja. What starts out as a light foray into cinema verité ends in a betrayal of intimacy and friendship.”