Two Women Good Music

Two Women Good Music Concert

Miracle in Macondo (1995, 25’)
Escape (1995, 8’)
Drinking the Tamar (1995, 6’)

An Den Mond (1995, 8’)
Orchestra and SATB choir

Nottingham-based Wet Arts Company commissioned myself and composer Stephanie Smith to write several pieces for a concert they named Two Women Good Music at the Congregational Hall, Nottingham in 1995.

Miracle in Macondo (25’) was influenced by the rhythms of flamenco music and featured the orchestra clapping as well as playing their instruments.

Escape (8’) was inspired by the end scene from my favourite film, Truffaut’s Quatre Cent Coups, in which the lead character escapes from his juvenile delinquent centre. The camera follows him as he runs and runs, eventually reaching the sea.

I developed Drinking the Tamar from a smaller ensemble piece, with mentoring by Judith Weir while I was at university.

An Den Mond was composed for orchestra and choir, incorporating the words from An Den Mond, a poem by the poet Stephen Sheil.

Excerpts from Miracle in Macondo and An Den Mond: