Big Bang

Big Bang

Big Bang

Big BangMusic in Me

String arrangement

The Norwegian rock band Big Bang asked me to arrange a string section for their song Music in Me for their Poetic Terrorism (2005) album.

We travelled to Bratislava to record with the fantastic Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. Strings, conducted by David Hernando.

Listen to an excerpt from/buy the song here:


And the big string ending:

Something Somatic

Something Somatic

Set design and photo by Miriam Nabarro

Something Somatic (2007)

Play by Simon Turley

Directed by Jeff Teare
Produced by TheatreScience for Theatre Royal and the Wellcome Trust
Designer Miriam Nabarro

Something Somatic explores the experience of a woman who develops ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Something Somatic

Music and sound design, scored for violin and electronics.

1. PeopleAreMessy

People Are Messy

People Are Messy

People are Messy (2016)

Composed in collaboration with composer Alexander Parsons.

The play, by Judith Johnson, produced by Theatre of Debate and supported by the Wellcome Trust, deals with the involvement of patients and the public in medical treatment and research.

“This fabulous, entertaining and moving play goes to the heart of why involving patients and the public is so important to science and to society. It will appeal to audiences of all ages and will bring the issues to a whole new audience nationwide. I am very excited about its potential impact.”

– Simon Denegri, NIHR National Director for Patients and the Public.

King Charles III

King Charles III

Music for the Tower Theatre production of King Charles III

King Charles III (2019)

Play by Mike Bartlett

Directed by Ruth Sullivan
Tower Theatre Company

King Charles III, written in blank verse, takes place in an imagined future after the death of the Queen and depicts a country in increasing crisis, when the King must decide how to rule.


The play was awarded Play of the Year when it first opened in 2015 by The Times, The Guardian, Mail On Sunday, Time Out. It also won the Olivier Award, Critics Circle Award and Southbank Sky Arts Award

My score for the Tower Theatre Production  is at times funereal, ethereal, bombastic, and includes pre-recorded cues as well as live singing by the choir I run, The Boiler House Singers. The choir opened the play each evening for its two-week run in January 2019, singing two pieces I had composed for the Queen’s funeral scene — Kyrie Eleison and Agnus Dei.

King Charles III